The advantages of calling cards

Calling cards often look like a regular credit card. A specific amount is placed on the card and customers simply follow the instructions on the card to make the calls they need to make. Normally there are no additional fees, you simply dial a toll free number from a public phone.

Buy calling cards before or on the spot?

Calling cards bought online can be recharged with a simple phonecall or over the internet. Another advantage is that those cads can be used in any country. Calling cards bought on the spot can often not be refilled, so you would have to find an open shop the buy a new one. If you travel to a new country, you would have to buy a new calling card there. But in average, cards bought on the spot are cheaper than calling cards order in advance. So if you are on a tight budget, you might prefer to buy the cards on the spot and a new one only when you need it.

Compare before you buy

Prices are often very different. So always check out the conditions before you decide to make a purchase. One thing is sure, though: Calling cards are almost always a much better deal than using your credit card or your mobile phone to make calls abroad.




On a budget?
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