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An overview of the press releases in chronological order:
First press release (May 2006, EN), French version of the website (July 2006, FR), German version (August 2006, DE), Brussels Audioguide (September 2006, FR), Italian Version and Rome (September 2006, IT), German Relaunch (March 2007, DE), Now 30 cities with free guide (April 2007, EN), German Relaunch (March 2007, DE) and Jamais sans mon Audioguide (June 2007, FR).

LondonistThe London blog Londonist wrote about us: "Excellent, crisp tracks, professionally enunciated, and carefully crafted. [...] Room for improvement?: If you’re a tourist or new to London, this one’s hard to fault."

Award nominee The London tourist board shortlisted the London iAudioguide for the London Tour of the Year award.

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A growing number of articles describe the trend towards flexible trips with audio guides and the companies behind. The following are worth mentioning: Wired on cell phone guides, C. Gaylord in Csmonitor, The Guardian on the Death of the Guide book, National Geographic on Travelling with an iPod.


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