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Partner with iAudioguide.com

We are currently looking to expand our network of partners. At present we offer partnerships with hotels, and sponsorships for specific sites in a city (e.g. museums) or for differing language versions. Please contact us if you want to know more.

Affiliate program

With the help of iAudioguide.com you can add useful content to your website (including city maps and samples of the audio guides), and you can earn up to 60% commission on each sale of a premium version. An example affiliate page can be found here. If you are interested in our fully automatic affiliate program, just sign up here. Then send us a mail to info{at}iaudioguide.com and you will receive instructions how to integrate the content and the buy now button in your pages. We use paypal and e-junkie for the automated downloads. Click here to become a reseller of your own digital content with the help of e-junkie.

Hotel Partnership

iAudioguide.com provides a unique opportunity for hotels to increase customer satisfaction and revenue at the same time. Hotels and other companies in the tourism sector (car rentals, travel agencies, internet cafes, tourist offices etc.) can buy affordable licences to rent out iAudioguides to tourists in your city. Prices start at only 1 Euro per room per year, depending on the size of your hotel and the intended use. The price includes brochures, maps, a sample contract and one mp3-player. Additional mp3 players of the brand of your choice (iPod, memory stick etc.) are available at competitive prices. All mp3 players are prepared for immediate rental. In case of loss or damages, the mp3 player can replaced quickly.

'Sponsored' sites

iAudioguide.com covers any cities' main tourist attractions  for free. On top of that, we also offer to produce and distribute 'sponsored' audio guides for more tourist attractions such as museums, parks or local history monuments. Through the availability of a free 'sponsored' audio guide, the sponsored sites will receive additional attention and visits from tourists and locals who download the free iAudioguides. Sponsorship is also available at city-level: Several tourist offices have already chosen to promote their city using free audio guides.

Those sponsored' audio guides will be written by iAudioguide and listeners will be informed in a transparent way that the audio guide is sponsored.

Similarly, iAudioguide.com also offers sponsorships for various language versions of its audio guides or thematic sponsorships (e.g., 'official airline sponsor of iAudioguide.com', 'official mp3 shop of iAudioguide.com'). There is also the possibility for 'white label' co-branding solutions with major websites.


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