How to choose your MP3 player with a hard disk

Hard disk (or hard drive) mp3 players are the more advanced and more expensive option for heavy users (or travelers), who want to have hundres of songs or audiobooks at their disposal. On top of that, nowadays you can watch movies or look at photos on the displays of hard disk players. Before buying, make up your mind on the follwing criteria: Storage (1 Gigybyte corresponds to 1000 minutes of music), size of display, design, size of the player, simplicity to use versus the need to install extra software. With these ideas in mind, choosing an mp3 player will be a bit easier. Find Thousands of Hard-Disk -MP3 players (iPod Video, Archos ..) at
The alternative is a flash mp3 player. Click here to find out more about flash memory mp3 players.

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