Find a hotel in the city of your choice not only offers free audio guides. We also want you to help save money and time in preparing your trip. The price and availability of hotel rooms can be quite different, depending where you book. Therefore we recommend for each city we cover the best hotel reservation networks. So if you are going to Barcelona, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Brussels or Vienna, please just click on the city name and you will know which reservation networks we recommend for each of those cities.

We can also help to find hotels in other cities.
Of course the results depend on the city chosen, but the following reservation networks have often excellent offers: We recommend to book hostels and B&B through Hostelbookers. They do not charge any booking fee and have extensive user reviews on the many ho(s)tels they offer. Hotelclub and bookings offer decent and affordable hotel rooms often with best price guarantee.

Best price or money back!

We are pretty sure that you won't find the same hotel room cheaper somewhere else in the internet within 3 days after booking. But if you do so and you have bought a premium guide before, we will order any book you like worth up to 20 (25$) and send it to you free of charge! This only applies if you have booked your hotel by clicking on the links to Hotelclub and bookings on our website.

Plane tickets and more

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On a budget?
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