Free audio guides for more than 40 cities:

We are working hard to offer you many free audioguides that will make your travel to major cities of the world more enjoyable. Please find below a list of mostly free audio guides for about 40 cities. Some of those guides are available on other websites, but we promise to offer more of our own iAudioguides soon. Our own guides cover Barcelona Berlin Brussels London Paris Rome, updates are available through our podcasts. If you look for other cities we can recommend audio guides for the following destinations, most of them are available for free:

Download mostly free audio guides by iAudioguide and partner websites for the following cities:

A - L: | Amsterdam | Athens | AucklandBarcelona |  Berlin |  Boston | Brighton | Bristol |  Brussels | Buenos Aires | Cambridge (UK) |  Cannes | Cape Town | Chicago |  CologneCopenhagen | Cracow |  Dortmund |  Dublin |  Edinburgh |  Florence |    Glasgow |  Granada | Gran CanariaHong Kong | Lisbon | Liverpool |  London |  Los Angeles |
M - Z: Madrid | Marseille | Melbourne |  Menorca |  Miami | Munich | New Orleans |  New York |  Nice  | Oslo | Paris |  Philadelphia |  Pisa | Porto | Prague |  Rome | Rotterdam |  Salamanca | San Francisco |  Seattle |  Seville | Sydney |  Turin |  Valencia |  Vancouver |  Venice |  Vienna |   

If you speak other languages, click on the flags to find more audioguides.

On top of that, you can buy audioguides for even more cities as a download. At audible, you sometimes get your first download for free, if you test their service: UK residents should try Audible UK, all others Audible International. If you can understand French, German and/or Italian, click on the flags in the top right corner and see what guides are available there. If you are into Podcasting, please click here and subscribe to our feeds.


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